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06/11/2012 I Could Open the Great Pain Merav Yaron Bar-Niv
Our family story is linked to the First Fruits Festival, Shavuoth, with ties of happiness and sorrow, since it is one of the agricultural holidays always celebrated at Ein Hashofet, and for which my father's songs served as a source of inspiration, for the dancing and for the holiday content. And on the eve of the holiday, in the year 1947, my brother Yaal was born.
04/03/2012 The story of Avraham Shomroni Avraham Shomroni
Jonathan's father speaks of loss and the legacy to fight for peace
28/02/2012 Despite all - Dialogue Niv Sarig
We convey our hope, our partnership, our mutual understanding, our aspirations for peace and our unreserved support of non-violence to school children through joint lectures.
16/02/2012 The Shapira Family Chagit and Ya'ara Shapira
July 25th, 2000. It was dusk then, as it is now, and I did not know that in five hours I would be speaking to you for the very last time in this lifetime of mine.
13/02/2012 Common Dreams Bella Rubin
Prologue: This narrative was written as part of an activity that emerged from a series of face-to-face meetings between Israeli and Palestinian women, mostly grannies, organized by the PCFF. We were each asked to write our personal histories in relation to our living in Israel/Palestine.
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