Books - Religion and Reconciliation


Publisher: Human & Rousseau

Categories: Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Religion and Reconciliation, Reconciliation, Psychological Aspects.

 Gort, J.D, Jansen, H., Vroom, H. M. Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation. Rodopi, 2002

Publisjer: Rodopi

Categories: Religion and Reconciliation


Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd

Categories: Religion and Reconciliation

Muller-Fahrenholz, G. The Art of Forgiveness: Theological Reflections on Healing and Reconciliation. Geneva : WCC Publications, 1997

Publisher: WCC Publications

Categories: Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Religion and Reconciliation

Tutu, D. No future without forgiveness. New York: Doubleday, 1999.

Publisher: Doubleday

Categories: Religion and Reconciliation, South Africa, Forgiveness and Reconciliation

MacLean Iain S., Reconciliation, nations and churches in Latin America. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2006.

Publisher: Ashgate

Categories: Chile, Religion and Reconciliation


Publisher: Fortress Press

Categories: Religion and Reconciliation

Gort Jerald D. and Jansen Henry & Vroom Hendrik M. Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation. Rodopi, 2002.

Publisher: Rodopi

Categories: Religion and Reconciliation








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