Academic Articles - Liberia

Beyond the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Transitional Justice Options in Liberia

James-Allen, Paul, Aaron Weah and Lizzie Goodfriend

International Center for Transitional Justice, Report, May 2010

Categories: Liberia, Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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Engaging Diasporas in Truth Commissions: Lessons from the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission Diaspora Project

Laura A. Young and  Rosalyn Park

International journal of transitional justice 1752-7716 Young yr:2009 vol:3 iss:3 pg:341

Categories: Liberia, Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Negotiating Peace in Liberia - Preserving the possibility for Justice


Categories: Liberia


The Role of Civil Society in National Reconciliation and Peacebuilding in Liberia

Augustine Toure

International Peace Academy. April 2002.

Categories: Liberia, Civil society and reconciliation.

 Traditional Justice Mechanisms: The Liberian Case

Ezekiel Pajibo

Stockholm: International IDEA, 2008

Categories: Liberia, Transitional Justice
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