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Please note that the Reconciliation Center is not just a website, we have two offices in Beit Jala and in Ramat Efal where you can find more material. We invite you to come and make full use of our resources. The films that we have in our two reconciliation centres, in the Ramat Efal office and in the Bet Jalla office have an asterisk next to the title of the film, as follows: *.


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 Title Director Year Country Issue
 Forgiveness Ian Gabriel  2004 South Africa Forgiveness, South Africa
 Forgiveness * Udi Aloni 2006 IsraelCoping with 1948
 Happy Birthday, Mr. Mograbi Avi Mograbi 1999 Israel Coping with 1948
 Avi Mograbi 2008 Israel Testimony and trauma
 Avenge But One of My Two Eyes Avi Mograbi 2005 IsraelIsraeli-Palestinian Conflict
Arna's Children

 Danniel Danniel, Juliano Mer-Khamis

 2003 IsraelThe Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

 Waltz with Bashir

 Ari Folman 2008 Israel Trauma and Memory
 My Terrorist *
 Yulie Cohen 2002Israel Forgiveness, The Israeli Palestinian Conflict
 My Land Zion *
 Yulie Cohen 2004 Israel

 The Israeli Palestinian Conflict

 My Israel *
 Yulie Cohen 2008  Israel The Israeli Palestinian Conflict
 My Brother *
 Yulie Cohen 2007 Israel The Israeli Palestinian Conflict
 To See If I'm Smiling Tamar Yarom 2007IsraelTestimony

 21 Up South Africa: Mandela's Children

 Angus Gibson 2008 South Africa South Africa
 Invictus Clint Eastwood 2009 South AfricaNelson Mandela
 Women of CyprusVassiliki Katrivanou, Bushra Azzouz  2009 



Cyprus, Women, Refugees

Country of My Skull (In My Country)John Boorman
 2004 UK, Ireland, South Africa TRC South Africe
 Attila 74 Mihalis Kakogiannis 1997Greece


Akamas Panikos Chrissanthou 2006  Cyprus Growing up within a conflict
 Goodbye Bafana Bille August
 2007UK, South Africa South Africa
 American History X Tony Kaye
 1998 USA To know the other, violence
 De Enclave Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen
 2002 Netherlands
 Bosnia, conflict
 Grbavica Jasmila Zbanic
 2006 Bosnia Bosnia, conflict
 In the Name of the Son Harun Mehmedinovic
 2007 USA, Bosnia, India Bosnia, conflict
 Shot Through the Heart David Attwood
 1998USA, Canada Bosnia, conflict
 Final Solution Cristobal Krusen
 2001USA, South Africa Reconciliation, South Africa
 Skin Anthony Fabian
 2008 UK, South Africa  Reconciliation, South Africa
 Hotel RwandaTerry George
 2004 USA Rwanda
 Sometimes in April Raoul Peck
 2005 France, USA Rwanda
 Budrus *
 Julia Bacha 2008 Israel, Palestine, USA
 Israel-Palestine, Non Violence
 Encounter Point *
 Ronit Avni, Julia Bacha
 2006 Israel, Palestine, USA, Brazil  Israel-Palestine, Non Violence, dialogue
 The Games They Play *
 Ram Lovey
 2010 Israel Israel Palestine
 Close, Closed, Closure *
 Ram Lovey 2002 Israel  Israel Palestine
 Time Out *
 Ram Lovey 1975 Israel  Israel Palestine
 Khirbet Hiza'a *
 Ram Lovey 1978 Israel  Israel Palestine
 Burma VJ *
 Anders Østergaard 2008 Denmark Burma, Israel-Palestine, Non Violence
 The Heart of Jenin *
 Leon Geller, Marcus Vetter
 2008 Germany Israel Palestine
 Israel LTD *
 Mor Loushy
 2009 Israel
 Narratives and Reconciliation, Israel Palestine
Al Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe 1948
  Bennie Brunner 1997 Holland Israel Palestine
 Lemon Tree *
 Eran Riklis 2008 Israel Israel and Palestine
 Amreeka *
 Cherien Dabis 2009 USA, Canada Israel and Palestine
 Weastbank Story
 Ari Sandel
 2005 USA  Israel and Palestine, Comedy
 The Times That Remains: Chronicle of a Present Absentee Elia Suleiman  2009Belgium, Italy, UK, France  Israel and Palestine
 Divine Intervention (Yadon ilaheyya)
  Elia Suleiman  2002 France, Morocco, Germany, Palestine Israel and Palestine
Chronicle of a Disappearance
  Elia Suleiman  1996 Palestine, Israel, USA, Germany, France Israel and Palestine
Bringing Down a Dictator *
 Steve York 2002 USA Non Violence, Serbia
Confronting the Truth, South Africa, Peru, East Timor, and Moroccoh Steve York, Neil J. Kritz  2007USA
Reconciliation, Transitional Justice, South Africa, Morocco, Peru, Timor Leste
RED DUST Tom Hooper 2004 UK, South Africa South Africa, Apartheid
 The Official Story
 Luis Puenzo 1985 Argentina  Argentina, Trauma and Healing, Reconciliation
Long Night's Journey Into Day  * Deborah Hoffmann, Frances Reid 2000USA
 South Africa, Truth and Reconciliation Commission
 Emil Habibi: "I stayed in Haifa" *
 Dalia Karpel1997 Israel Israel and Palestine
 Shahida Natalie Assouline 2008 Israel  Israel and Palestine
 Precious Life Shlomi Eldar
 2010 Israel Israel and Palestine, Trauma and Healing, Reconciliation
 Bil'in Habibti Shai Carmeli-Pollak 2006 Israel  Israel and Palestine, Non Violance
Come Back, Africa
 Lionel Rogosin 1959 USA South Africa, Apartheid
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