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The Reconciliation Center has meetings aimed at promoting public debate, to raise awareness and increase understanding about the nature of the reconciliation process and knowledge of the other.

The center is open to the public and invites Israelis and Palestinians to participate in activities. Sessions at the Center include screening of films on the subject, discussions with professionals and guest lecturers from academia and Civil society and International Peace Day which takes place every year in September.

You can contact us or find further information at or call us on 03-5355089/ extension 101/ extension 102 (ISRAEL). Call   02-2755180 (Beit Jala)

1/9/2012 A Weekend In Beit Jalah - The Israeli Palestinian Narrative Project.
My head was full of difficult thoughts and fears. In between, I repeated in my head, a sentence that my friend Gilad Chushani said to me a few weeks earlier: fear stems from lack of knowledge.
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